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Amy Holm 

Interior Design Specialist

Amy Holm - Interior Design Specialist

Amy grew up in Northeast Ohio where she earned a degree from The University of Akron in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing.  Decorating and design has always been a hobby of Amy's, along with looking for antique treasures and unique French décor.


After staying home to raise her family, Amy went back to work full-time for 6 years in the trade show industry.  During this time, Amy enjoyed decorating her own home where she lives with her husband, Erik. 


Amy's passion for decor and her southern timeless style was noticed by her friends and family and soon after she began getting requests to decorate friend's homes.  Amy began decorating homes for friends and their referrals during her free time.


In 2019, Amy started HolmStead Designs so she could pursue her dream of running a home decorating business full-time. 


Her passion for decorating and attention to detail, can be seen in how she cares for her clients and in the end result of her projects.

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